Becoming a Core Member

How does someone become a core member?

Family members and self-advocates frequently wonder how someone becomes a core member* at L’Arche. When L’Arche welcomes a new core member, we anticipate that he or she will live in L’Arche for life. For that reason, openings in L’Arche are very rare and we move through the selection process carefully. A number of factors go in to the decision, including whether the prospective core member is interested in living in an intentional community.

Because of this, L’Arche communities have limited openings, but friends are always welcome at our regularly scheduled prayer nights and special events. Read on below to learn about the process of becoming a core member, or to assist you in the process of finding another residential provider.

*In L’Arche, the term core member refers to an adult who has an intellectual disability as they are the center and heart of the community.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to become a core member, the person must:
– Have a current diagnosis of intellectual or developmental disability
– Be over the age of 21
– Be a resident of Colorado
– Have a Medicaid Waiver

L’Arche Fort Collins is in the early stages of founding. We are working to build our first 2 homes with a 3-5 year timeline for completion. When the time is nearer to opening our homes, we will have a core member inquiry form and process on this website.

In Colorado, core members “enter” L’Arche through referrals from the respective governmental bodies. Here’s a short summary on how that will happen when our homes are completed:

Fort Collins, Colorado

1. Prospective core members would contact their local CCB (Community Centered Board).  Click here for your local CCB. The Larimer County CCB is Foothills Gateway, and they can be reached at 970.226.2345.

2. After completing the intake process, individuals who are looking for residential placement would ask their service coordinator to refer them to L’Arche.

3. At the same time, interested individuals will be able to visit this web site and complete the core member inquiry form. This form is not an official application, but rather an initial indication of interest in L’Arche.

4. L’Arche would then review these questionnaires, contact families if there are questions about eligibility, and keep these questionnaires on file. L’Arche may contact families who are eligible when there is an opening at L’Arche if additional information is needed.

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